Present:  Cllr Greaves (Chairman), Cllr Baumber, Cllr Butler, Cllr Clerey, Cllr Park, Neil Whalley (Clerk), Cllr Janet Willis (CCC), Cllr James Airey (SLDC)


1.                 Apologies for absence

Apologies received from Cllr Southworth.

2.                 To sign as a correct record the minutes of the meetings held on 1st February 2010

Minutes approved by the Council and signed by the Chair.

3.                 Clerk’s Report

The Clerk has been dealing with the following this month:  meeting with the Highways Engineer; Noticeboards; response to Shoreline Management Plan; Local Area Partnership meeting; arranging Urswick PC joint meeting; public toilets consultation; responding to Bathing Waters consultation; Scales telephone box.  The issue with stones at Dove Cottage was resolved prior to the Clerk contacting the owner. 

4.                 To receive declarations of interest from the Councillors concerning items on this agenda

None were received

5.                 Report from the Police representative PCSO Helen Madden

An incident of fly tipping on Ulverston Road, Gleaston was dealt with.

The police have been continuing to encourage local farmers to join Farm Watch and have been in the area monitoring traffic speeds.

PSCO Madden agreed to look into initiating Neighbourhood Watch schemes or suitable alternatives as part of the Parish Plan.  The Clerk is to send details of the public consultation. 

6.                 To receive comments from the public (limited to 10 minutes)

None were received.

7.                 Reports from County and District Councillors

Cllr Willis suggested arranging a meeting to review outstanding Highways issues within the parish.  To be arranged.

Cllr Airey reported that SLDC have agreed to increase the Council Tax by 2.84% this year.

8.                 Highways issues, including discussion of road sweeping in the parish

A complaint was received in February regarding dirt on Sunbrick Lane, Baycliff.  The issue is currently being looked into by SLDC, Cllr Airey and the Parish Council.  The issue of road sweeping will be looked into in more detail when a schedule for the parish has been obtained. Cllr Airey is looking to obtain this.

9.                 Feedback from Local Area Partnership Meeting

The Chairman and Clerk, along with Cllrs Airey and Willis, attended the Low Furness L.A.P. meeting in February.  It was agreed at the meeting that the Partnership should initially meet quarterly and three representatives from each parish should be present.  Representatives from Aldingham will be chosen at April’s PC meeting.

10.             To agree a time and location for the joint meeting with Urswick Parish Council

Subject to the availability of Urswick Parish Councillors, the meeting will be arranged for Wednesday 10th March at the Malt Kiln, Scales.  The Clerk will finalise the details.

11.             To consider contributing to the resurfacing of New Close, Newbiggin

No representatives from New Close were present.  The item will be postponed again.

12.             To discuss problems faced by residents since the digital switchover in September 09

The problems faced by the member of the public who reported the problem have since been resolved.  No other comments have been received from the public.  The Council agreed that the issue was closed.

13.             To consider current planning applications

No applications were received prior to the meeting.


MF/RW (4) 40.16.10

Baycliff Farm, Baycliff

Named:  1-22 Bay View Road

14.             Playground Updates, including replacement of damaged equipment at Scales

One of the ‘springers’ in Scales playground has been irreparably damaged and a second is showing signs of wear.  The Clerk will contact Playdale about safely removing them.  An application for grant for new equipment will also be submitted to March’s Neighbourhood Forum, subject to time.

15.             To consider quotations for Scales crash barrier

The Clerk contacted five prospective contractors but received only one quote before the meeting.  He will continue to find quotes elsewhere.

16.             To consider employing a Parish Steward

Due to problems with the Highways Steward and in finding contractors for work in the parish, Cllr Southworth obtained information from CALC regarding the employment of a part time Parish Steward.  The Council agreed that this may be a viable option, but there were concerns about finance.  The Clerk will look further to see if monies can be freed in the upcoming financial year. 

17.             Parish Plan Update

A target date for completion has been set for May 2010, so that the Plan can be launched at the Annual Parish Meeting.  Some of the actions will be set in motion before that date.  Helen Madden has agreed to look at the figures regarding Neighbourhood Watch schemes and look at the best options for each village.

18.             To discuss the Parish Newsletter

Cllr Southworth and the Clerk both attempted draft newsletters, but didn’t get far.  It was suggested that a newsletter should wait until some of the current ongoing issues have been resolved.  Some suggestions for content included: 

·         recent winter conditions

·         L.A.P

·         crime figures

·         Rural Wheels

·         Highways Hotline

·         flytipping information

·         dog litter bin

·         Leece Tarn lifebelt

·         beach cleans

·         Newbiggin bus shelter

·         Aldingham toilets

·         Scales crash barrier

·         meeting dates.

It was also suggested that a notice for a new councillor could be included in the newsletter.

19.             To discuss the appointment of a new councillor

The statutory 14 day period of notification for an election has ended and the Council can now co-opt a new councillor.  No one has yet come forward for the position. 

20.             To authorise payment of accounts

The following payments were authorised by the Council:


A. Thompson for Noticeboards                                   £205

Clerk’s Salary (February)                                            £388.58

CALC (Local Council Finance Course)                       £25


Scales Money                                                               £5.82

Waddingtons Pinfold Rent                                          £450           

21.             To receive agenda items for the next meeting

§         May AGM dates

§         Skipton Building Society account

§         Roosebeck bin

§         LAP representatives

§         Newsletter

§         Playground and Neighbourhood Forum feedback

§         Leece Car park

§         New Close, Newbiggin

22.             To confirm that the next meeting of Aldingham Parish Council will be held in Gleaston Village Hall on Monday 12th April 2010 at 7.15pm