Present:  Cllr Baumber, Cllr Butler, Cllr Greaves, Cllr Park; Neil Whalley (Clerk), Janet Willis (CCC)


10/04/01          To receive apologies for absence

Apologies received from Cllr Clerey.  Cllr Southworth resigned his position prior to the meeting.

10/04/02          To sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held 1st March 2010 and the extraordinary meeting on 10th March 2010

Agreed by the Council and signed by the Chair.

10/04/03          To receive declarations of interest from members regarding items on the agenda

None were received.

10/04/04          Report from the Police representative

PSCO Helen Madden had little to report, as crime figures in the Parish remain low.  The Police continue to encourage farmers to join Farm Watch. 

PSCO Madden had looked at the figures from the Parish Plan, with regard to Neighbourhood Watch.  The Police will be happy to look into setting up schemes, but reaching people can be difficult.  It was suggested that the Police might be able to attend events in the villages to give information.  The suggestion will be passed to villages.  Other means of contacting residents will be pursued.

10/04/05          To receive comments from the public

The Clerk received a complaint from a resident of Gleaston regarding noxious smells caused by human slurry.  The resident had informed SLDC.  The Parish Council acknowledged the issue, but also that previous complaints had yielded little progress.

A resident of Gleaston also put forward a suggestion for dealing with roadside litter in the Parish, whereby residents could ‘adopt’ a road and volunteer to keep it litter-free with support from the Council.  The idea has been incorporated into the Parish Plan.

10/04/06          To consider current planning applications

The following applications were reviewed by the Council:


Scarbarrow Paddock Stables, Leece


No Objection


Plot 10, Baycliff Farm, Baycliff

Single Garage

No Objection


1 The Guards, Gleaston

Two Storey Extension

No Objection


Baycliff Farm, Baycliff

Erection of Implement Shed

No Objection


Baycliff Farm, Baycliff

Installation of Underground LPG Tanks

No Objection


1 Flower Street, Leece

Alterations and Two Storey Extension

No Objection


Plot 8, Baycliff Farm, Baycliff

Substitute Dwelling

No Objection

 The following notices were passed to the Council:


Kirkbeck, Gleaston

Replacement Garage

Granted (4 Conditions)

MF/CU (14) 40.16.10

Land adjacent Low Orchard House, Scales

Named Meadowside

10/04/07          Report from County and District Councillors

Cllr Willis asked the Council to put forward suggestions for highways issues in the Parish which may be suitable for her ‘Members Priority’ budget.  She and the Clerk will meet to discuss current highways issues in the Parish,

10/04/08          To consider contributing to New Close, Newbiggin with a view to getting the road adopted

Residents of New Close are looking to finish their road to a British highways standard.  A representative from New Close was present and outlined the case.  The lowest quote was £4,147; the cost would be split equally between the seven residents of the Close with contributions from two adjacent properties. 

The Council agreed in principle that a contribution of £350 would be appropriate, on the condition that the road be formally adopted by the Highways Authority.

10/04/09          Feedback and matters arising from the joint Urswick and Aldingham meeting

All members present at this meeting were also at the joint meeting. 

10/04/10          To nominate the Council’s representatives for the Local Area Partnership

As the date of the next meeting was not known, the Council agreed to arrange who would attend between themselves in due course.

10/04/11          To review the Highways Tasklist

The Council agreed that the Tasklist appeared to be working.  Problems will be reported to the Clerk and progress checked by the Councillors in each area. 

The Clerk will be the contact for the Highways Steward following Cllr Southworth’s resignation.

10/04/12          To respond to SLDC’s Winter Maintenance Consultation

The Council completed the pro-forma sent by SLDC regarding its performance during the severe weather the previous winter.  The Council agreed to survey the Parish’s grit bins, checking their location and suitable sites for new bins.  Feedback will be given at the next meeting.

10/04/13          To discuss hiring a Parish Steward

Due to a number of other unbugetted expenses, the funds available for a Parish Steward are not yet known in enough detail.  The possibility of funding from the L.A.P. will be looked into. 

10/04/14          To sign highways permits for Roosebeck noticeboard and litter bin

The permits were agreed and signed by the Council.  Cllrs Butler and Greaves will look into the possibility of moving a bin from Aldingham.  The Clerk will look into obtaining planning consent for the noticeboard.


10/04/15          Playground updates, including feedback from the Neighbourhood Forum

The Neighbourhood Forum granted the Council the full £1,000 to replace equipment at Scales playground.  The Council agreed that a like-for-like replacement would be too expensive and that, at present, a ‘mini orbiter’ roundabout should be installed. 

Cllr Baumber looked into purchasing matting, which is aroud £60 for a roll of 2x10m.  A maximum of £1,400 (including the grant) was agreed for work at Scales.

Leece Playground Committee also applied for a Neighbourhood Forum grant, but are not elligible as they do not have a constitution.  Debbie Binch of SLDC suggested that the Council could apply on their behalf as it’s a new financial year.  The Clerk will contact Mrs Sheeran regarding the options available for Leece.  The Council agreed to pay for the membrane liner and wood edging for the playground, or provide the equivalent funds for other surface repairs. 

10/04/16          To agree a contract of work for Scales Crash Barrier

Two quotes were received: 

·         Tomos Hrynkow £295.16

·         Andrew Thompson £320.

The Council agreed that the contract should be offered to Mr Hrynkow.

10/04/17          To agree a contract of work for Leece Car Park

Two quotes were received:

·         Martin Eland £545, which included installation of a land drain

·         Andrew Thompson £1625, which included installation of a concrete drain with metal grid.

The Council suggested it would prefer like-for-like quotations.  The Clerk will request Mr Eland place a quote for a concrete drainage channel.  The Council agreed that the Chairman would make the final decision regarding the work.

10/04/18          To agree and sign the Statement of Assets

The full Statement of Assets for the Parish Council was reviewed and agreed by the Council and signed by Cllrs Greaves and Park. 

10/04/19          To review and agree the Parish Plan

A provisional draft of the Parish Plan was set before the Council, who agreed on its content.  The Plan will now be passed to relevant bodies for review before publication in May.

10/04/20          Payment of accounts

The Council agreed the following payments:

     CALC (Annual Subscription)                                    £250

     R. Rushton (Baycliff mower petrol)             £47.23

     Clerk’s Salary (March)                                  £388.58

The following monies were received:

     Scales playground                                        £14.81

10/04/21          Budget review for year end

The budget at 31st March is attached to these minutes. 


10/04/22          To receive items for the next agenda

·         Grit bins

10/04/23          To confirm that the next meeting of the Council will take place on Monday 10th May at 7.15pm in Gleaston Village Hall

The date of the next meeting has been changed.  The date of the Annual Parish Meeting, Annual General Meeting and next ordinary meeting of the Council will be Monday 24th May 2010 in Gleaston Village Hall, Gleaston.

The Council agreed that a flyer should be posted around the Parish with details about the Annual Meetings, Parish Plan launch and requests for new Councillors.

Appendix I – Budget Review at 31st March 2010




Spend to 31st March

Surplus Now













Hall Hire




Data Protection








CALC Courses








Leece grass








PG Inspections




PG Equipment








Leece Carpark








Scales barrier












R & R




Non-Budgetted Payments
















Parish Plan












Known or Expected Budget Payments:



March Salary




Hall Hire








PG Inspections




Leece Carpark




Roosebeck Noticeboard




Roosebeck bin




Scales Barrier













Current Acct

Balance Brought Fwd April 09                           5837.19

Plus 2009/10 Income @ 13489.82                19327.01

Less 2009/10 Expenditure @ 10143.52          9183.49