Present:  Cllr Butler, Cllr Greaves, Cllr Park; Neil Whalley (Clerk), Janet Willis (CCC), James Airey


10/05/01          Election of a Chairman for the Council Year 2010/11

Cllr Butler nominated Cllr Greaves; seconded by Cllr Park.  Cllr Greaves was elected by all members present.

10/05/02          To receive the Chairman’s Declaration of Acceptance of Office

Cllr Greaves and the clerk signed the Declaration.

10/05/03          To appoint a Vice Chairman for the current Council Year

The Council agreed to hold this item over till all members of the Council were present.

10/05/04          To receive apologies for absence

Apologies received from Cllr Baumber and Cllr Clerey.  PSCO Madden was also unable to attend.

10/05/05          To sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held 12th April 2010

Agreed by the Council and signed by the Chairman.

10/05/06          To receive declarations of interest from members regarding items on the agenda

None were received.

10/05/07          Report from the Police Representative

PSCO Madden was not present, but passed on information regarding graffiti in Aldingham Toilets which was subsequently dealt with by the police.

She had also received a request from a Mrs Beatie of Barrow-in-Furness regarding the placement of a memorial plaque on the roadside at Meadowlands Caravan Park in Roosebeck.  For future reference, PSCO Madden advised that Highways Authority policy does not usually allow any such memorials on the roadside.

10/05/08          Reports from County and District Councillors

Cllrs Airey and Willis had little to report.  The L.A.P meeting on 19th May made little progress in terms of deciding how money is to be spent.

The Clerk informed the Council that two residents of Gleaston, Dave Wilton and Terry Clarke, had cleared the road between Gleaston and Dendron ‘School’ of litter, collecting 10 bags and a toilet cistern.  The Clerk is currently arranging with SLDC for future rubbish to be picked up; Cllr Airey offered to find some more details regarding this.  The Council thanked Mr Wilton and Mr Clarke for their work. 

10/05/09          Chairman’s Report for the Year 2009/10

A copy of the full report is attached below.

10/05/10          To consider current planning applications

The following applications were reviewed by the Council:


Land adjacent South View, Scales

Extension to time condition on planning permission

No Objection


Bramble Cottage, Roosebeck*

Single Storey front extension

Passed to Cllr Clerey for inspection; comments due for 15th June 2010.

The following notices were passed to the Council:


Scarbarrow Paddock Stables, Leece




Plot 10, Baycliff Farm, Baycliff

Single Garage



1 The Guards, Gleaston

Two Storey Extension


A summary of the planning applications received in 2009/10:

·         24 applications and notices received in total and one appeal notice

·         17 applications permitted

·         1 application refused

·         2 unresolved (at 24/05/10)

·         0 withdrawn

·         4 property namings/renamings

10/05/11          To review the Highways Tasklist

The Highways Steward visited on the week of 17th May, though there were only a few additions to the Tasklist since his last visit.  Information needs to be passed to the clerk regarding faults on the highways before 19th June when he is next in the parish. 

Two residents of Gleaston brought to the Council’s attention a roadside drainage channel in the village which had been filled with concrete.  It is not clear whether this is a part of the highway or private property.  The clerk will ask highways to investigate further. 

A request was placed regarding the movement of the 20mph signs at Scales further west beyond Moor House Farm.  The Clerk will contact Highways regarding the feasibility of this.

10/05/12          To review the effectiveness and location of grit bins in the parish

The Council agreed to place a request for new grit bins following SLDC’s Winter Maintenance consultation:

·         Scales:  opposite Cattery (SD 270724)

·         Scales:  adjacent to bridleway beside playground (SD 275722)

·         Gleaston:  beside village hall (SD 257 707)

·         Leece:  adjacent to Leece car park (SD 244 694)

·         Leece:  near Tarnside Farm (exact location to be confirmed)

·         Baycliff:  main road (exact location to be confirmed)

10/05/13          Playground Updates

Playground inspections for Leece, Scales and Baycliff have been received.

The clerk spoke with Zoe Sheeran of the Leece Playground Committee and discussed the possibility of replacing the surface with turf and topsoil, the cost of which may be covered by the Council’s existing Leece Playground budget; he asked Mrs Sheeran to provide quotes for this when possible. 

No further progress has been made on Scales playground equipment. 

Invoices for playground inspections covering the years 2009/10 and 2010/11 have been received.  Due to errors in previous years, the cost of parish owned playground inspections has tripled and a total of £630.99 (inc. VAT) is now due for Leece, Baycliff and Scales.  The clerk will ask Gleaston Village Hall and Green Committee whether they would like the Parish Council to pay for the inspection as in previous years.  He will also send a letter of complaint to SLDC regarding their poor handling of this situation.

10/05/14          To review the Council’s insurance cover for 2010/11

The clerk and Chairman reviewed the document and agreed it was adequate.  The Council agreed. 

Some concern was raised over Leece bonfire insurance, which cost around £120 in 2009.  The Council will ask Leece to contribute to this in future. 

10/05/15          To consider payment of annual subscriptions and donations

The following annual payments were agreed by the Council:

·         Zurich Municipal Insurance                                         £1,252.91

·         Gleaston Village Hall Committee (grass cutting)        £60

·         Dendron Church (grass cutting donation)                  £60

·         Aldingham Church (grass cutting donation)               £60

·         H. Armer and Sons (Leece Tarn lands grass cutting)            £90

·         Playground Inspections (Leece, Baycliff, Scales)       £630.99

·         Gleaston Village Hall hire                                              £250

10/05/16          Payment of Accounts

The following additional payments were agreed by the Council:

·         Gleaston Village Hall (extra meeting)                          £14

·         Clerk’s Salary, April                                                       £388.58

The following monies have been received this month:

·         Mr Mussell (Leece Car Park, 6 months)                      £17.50

·         Mrs Polkinghorn (Leece Car Park, 6 months)             £17.50

·         Ms Sears (Leece Tarn lands parking)                          £35

·         Miss Morrison (Leece Car Park x 2)                             £70

·         Mrs Brown (Leece Car Park)                                         £35

·         VAT Refund                                                                    £344.17

It was agreed that the extra space in Leece Car Park would be advertised.

10/05/17          To agree and sign the Annual Return and Accounts for the year 2009/10

The Council agreed to the Annual Governance Statement.  The Chairman and Clerk signed the Annual return. 

10/05/18          To discuss matters arising from the Internal Audit

The internal auditor made two points:

·         That the installation of Leece lifebelt as part of the risk assessment has not been minuted

o        The Council confirmed that the lifebelt had been installed

·         That the missing chequebook (sent to the previous clerk’s old address and not recovered) should be confirmed cancelled.

o        The Clerk will contact the branch to confirm this immediately

10/05/19          To formally adopt the Parish Plan

The Council agreed to adopt the Parish Plan for the years 2010-15.

10/05/20          Budget Review

The current budget and spending to date has been attached below. 

10/05/21          To agree dates for forthcoming meetings in the current Council Year

The following dates have been agreed (all Mondays):

·         June 21st (changed from June 7th)

·         July 26th

·         September 6th

Yet to be confirmed:

·         October 4th

·         November 1st

·         December 6th

10/05/22          To agree a date for the Parish ‘Ride Around’

It was agreed that this would begin Monday 7th June at 6pm in Newbiggin.  The route will be:  Newbiggin – Roosebeck – Leece – Dendron – Gleaston – Scales – Baycliff.

10/05/23          Correspondence

The following correspondence has been received:

·         Cumbria CVS Barrow Funding Fair (16th June)

·         ACT/VAC Contact and Membership review

·         Barrow Borough Council Statement of Community Involvement

·         Cumbria Minerals and Waste Site Allocations

10/05/24          To receive items for the next agenda

·         Parish Steward

·         Feedback from ‘Ride around’

·         Feedback regarding Culvert and 20mph signs

10/05/25          To confirm the next meeting of the Council will take place on Monday 21st June 2010 at 7.15pm in Gleaston Village Hall

This date has been changed from the originally planned 7th June and was agreed by the Council.

BUDGET 2010/11




Spend to Date


Administration costs




Clerks Salary












Hall Rental (total)




Data Protection Fees




CALC Subscription Fees




Grass Cutting, Leece




Playground Inspections




Grass Care, other council lands








Playground Equipment Replacement




Fees for CALC training courses




Leece Playground




Flood Plan




Roosebeck Village








Brought Fwd from 2009/10




Resurfacing of Leece Car Park




Scales Crash Barrier




Parish Newsletter








Parish Plan




Scales Playground Equipment




















Pinfold Rent




Car Park Rent




Scales Box




Neighourhood Forum Grant












Total Income












Balance Brought Fwd:




Plus Income to date




Less Expenditure to date