Present:  Cllr Baumber, Cllr Butler, Cllr Clerey, Cllr Greaves, Cllr Park; Neil Whalley (Clerk), Janet Willis (CCC)


10/06/01          To receive apologies for absence

None were received

10/06/02          To sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held 24th May 2010

The minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman

10/06/03          To receive declarations of interest from members regarding items on the agenda

None were received

10/06/04          To check and, if necessary, update members’ Register of Financial Interests

As requested by SLDC, members were asked to update their Register of Financial Interests.  All members completed a ‘no change’ form, to be returned by the Clerk.

10/06/05          Report from the Police Representative

PSCO Madden was not present.

10/06/06          To receive comments from the public

B. Crosier of Gleaston spoke to the Clerk regarding several requests for a sign to Gleaston at the bottom of Riddings Lane.  The Clerk informed her that this would be on the list of jobs but may take some time.

10/06/07          To consider current planning applications



Bramble Cottage, Roosebeck

Single Storey Front Extension

No Objection


1 Greystones Cottages, Baycliff

2 Storey Extension

No Objection




Baycliff Farm, Baycliff

Installation of underground LPG Tanks 



Baycliff Farm, Baycliff

Revised Scheme – Plot 8



Lilac Cottage, 1 Flower St, Leece

Alterations and 2 Storey Extension 



Land adjacent South View, Scales

Extension to time condition SL/2007/0268



Baycliff Farm, Baycliff

Erection of Implement Shed



10/06/08          Reports from District and County Councillors

Nothing to report

10/06/09          To discuss issues raised in the Parish Ride-Around

Few serious problems were encountered.  The following points were raised:

·         Roosebeck Litter Bin – the possibility of moving one of the disused bins at Aldingham was discussed.  It was decided this would be too problematic and quotations for a new bin will be sought.  The area around the bins at Aldingham will be cleared  in future to allow access.

·         Leece Car Park – as highways are raising the kerb, it was decided that the surface only needed clearing of debris and levelling to prevent water build-up.  Highways have informed the clerk that the work should take place within the next month or so.  The clerk will obtain new quotes for the surfacing for the next meeting

·         New Close, Newbiggin – no futher information has been received regarding this

·         20mph Signs at Moor End Farm, Scales – the request to remove the 20mph signs at Scales was deemed unrealistic by the Council, as it was unlikely to slow traffic and previous attempts to have signs moved have been unsuccessful.

10/06/10          To review the Highways Tasklist

Problems identified on the ride around have been added to the list including a number of overgrown signs and the roadsign to Baycliff near Scales playground, which has fallen off. 

A number of blocked drains identified by M. Rainer of Gleaston have also been added to the list.  Many gulley tops in the parish have been cleared recently, however.

The blocked culvert at Gleaston, raised at the last meeting, has been added to the Highways Steward list to investigate. 

10/06/11          To discuss hiring a Parish Steward

The Clerk gave a rough estimate of £2500 to hire a Steward for 4 hours per week, which included cost of materials and overtime.  These funds can be made available and the Council felt it was a reasonable cost.

A range of jobs were suggested, including clearing footpaths, blocked gulleys, some playground maintenance etc.  It was felt there would be sufficient work to keep a Steward employed throughout the year. 

The Clerk will finalise the details of the finances and draw up a contract for the next meeting.

10/06/12          To review the Flood Plan and discuss purchase of equipment

£400 has been budgetted for the purchase of flood protection equipment.  The Council agreed that inflatable sandbags will be purchased as soon as possible and stored in Scales mower shed for the time being.  The Clerk will obtain quotes for the next meeting.

It was agreed that Gleaston, Newbiggin and Roosebeck were the most immediately at risk of flooding and that the resources should be concentrated there.  Teams will be set up in each village who will be responsible for distributing the sandbags fairly in the case  of an emergency. 

10/06/13          To review the Council’s Risk Assessment

The following changes were made to the 2009/10 Risk Assessment:

·         Removal of any mention of a handyman (§§ 1, 5).  The Parish Steward will need to be added when employed

·         §7 that the lifebelt at Leece has been installed

·         §9 the K9 Telephone Box (Scales) to be removed

·         Insurance values to be updated in §§9, 10, 13, 14, 16

·         The new Roosebeck noticeboard be included in §15

The following actions were agreed:

·         That the K9 Telephone box (Scales) be removed from the insurance policy

·         That the benches and picnic tables be added to the insurance policy (Clerk to obtain quote)

·         That notices would be made and posted at playgrounds regarding protocol in an accident

·         That details of Scales’ hand-held mower be found out and added to the insurance policy

10/06/14          To review and sign the grass mowing agreement for H. Armer and Son

The Clerk will speak to Mr Armer regarding arrangements for the future, when Armers are moving operations to Greenodd.  He will also discuss the possibility of mowing the playground if it is turfed.

10/06/15          To discuss options regarding election of new Councillors

A notice has been placed in the Tarn News and included in the minutes.  Posters have been placed in each noticeboard and a notice on the website.  It was agreed that a door-to-door notice should be made for Leece, Gleaston and Dendron. 

10/06/16          To discuss the current situation regarding Leece Playground

The Council was disappointed to hear that Mrs Sheeran of Leece Playground Committee has had little support from fellow residents regarding progress on the playground.  The Council agreed that the playground should be padlocked and a sign erected explaining why until the situation improved.

Mrs Sheeran had obtained a quote for turf and topsoil to resurface the playground, which came to £627.  This would be mostly covered by the £600 budgetted for Leece.

10/06/17          Playground updates

Cllr Baumber obtained a quote for the work at Scales from Playdale totalling £916.  The clerk will obtain another quote for comparison. 

The crash barrier at Scales has been installed, but not yet completed.  The Council have asked that the tops of the bollards be cut at an angle to prevent children walking on them.  The Clerk has not heard back from Mr Hrynkow, and will contact him again.

10/06/18          To authorise payment of accounts

The following payments were authorised by the Council:

·         SLDC (Playground inspections)                              £630.99*

·         Mike Phipps (Internal Audit)                                   £58.75

·         HSP Milners (Parish Plan printing)                        £154.00

·         Clerk’s Salary, May                                                  £388.58

* The amount calculated at the previous meeting was incorrect.


·         Scales money                                                            £23.33

A remittance for the precept has been received totalling £8829.

The Chairman signed the confirmation slip to stop cheque numbers 831-850 (chequebook lost in the post), as requested by the internal auditor.

10/06/19          To make arrangements for a quarterly bank reconciliation

Cllr Baumber volunteered to carry this out following the resignation of Cllr Southworth.  The Clerk will prepare the next reconciliation for July’s meeting.

10/06/20          Correspondence

·         Request to meeting of the Standards Committee

·         Cumbria CVS News

10/06/21          To receive items for the next agenda

·         Parish paths

·         Parish Steward

·         Sandbags

·         Grass mowing agreement

10/06/22          To confirm that the next meeting will be held on Monday 26th July 2010 in  Gleaston Village Hall