Present:  Cllr Baumber, Cllr Butler, Cllr Clerey, Cllr Greaves, Cllr Park; Neil Whalley (Clerk), James Airey (SLDC)


10/06/01          To receive apologies for absence

Janet Willis sent her apologies.

10/06/02          To sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held 21st June 2010

The minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman

10/06/03          To receive declarations of interest from members regarding items on the agenda

None were received

10/06/04          Report from the Police Representative

PSCO Helen Madden was not present and passed no information on.

10/06/05          To receive comments from the public

Two residents from New Close were present regarding a possible donation to the resurfacing work.  Two quotes have been received:

·         Ken Walker Ltd £4762 or £3456 (excl. VAT) depending on the thickness of surface

·         Peter Daw £4547.25 (incl. VAT)

Cllr Butler contacted the Highways Authority, who informed her that their specifications for road adoption were much higher than those quoted, effectively making Council adoption impractical.

The Council agreed that their original donation of £350 would stand subject to confirmation that they were acting within their powers to give it.  The Clerk will confirm this at the next meeting.

The Clerk informed the residents that any donation to the work would have to be made to the contractors or to a project committee and could not be given to individuals.


Cllr Clerey informed the Council that several residents of Roosebeck were unhappy with the location of the new noticeboard, as it is not obvious to couriers etc. entering the village from the north.  The Clerk advised that the Council had agreed to the location of the noticeboard and that public money should not be spent moving it.  If residents wish to move the board, they must bear the cost and obtain the appropriate permission, including the consent of the Parish Council.


Concerns were also raised about damage left by workers associated with the oyster beds using the slipway at Roosebeck.  The lifebelt was knocked down and has now disappeared and rubbish was left behind.  The Clerk will write to Robert Benson of Kingfishers Seafoods, Mike Marsh, and Kelsey Thompson of Seasalter Shellfish with the Councils concerns and request a resolution.  He will also contact SLDC and the Environment Agency regarding the lifebelt.

10/06/06          To consider current planning applications

No new applications have been received this month.



Bramble Cottage, Roosebeck

Single Storey Front Extension


10/06/07          Reports from District and County Councillors

Cllr Airey reported that he’d been looking into the issue of weeds etc. on the Cumbria Coastal path at Roosebeck and had asked the Highways Steward to tackle this.

10/06/08          Highways Tasklist

The Coastal Way (see above) will be added to the tasklist.  No new additions were made.

The Highways Steward did not contact the Clerk during his allocated week in Aldingham and the Clerk was unable to reach him, so the list has not progressed since last meeting.

10/06/09          To finalise details of hiring a Parish Steward and agree the contract

A contract was drawn up and agreed by the Council.  A preliminary period of 6 months was agreed to assess the feasibility of the scheme and give both parties the opportunity to opt-out if necessary.  A copy of the contract is attached below. 

The Clerk will pass the contract on to Andrew Thompson for review and it will be signed at the next meeting.

10/06/10          To discuss the creation of a Parish Paths Group

Volunteers will be sought for a group to help monitor and maintain public rights of way in the area.

A notice has been placed in the upcoming newsletter and will be placed in the noticeboards.

10/06/11          To consider quotes for Leece Car Park work

Quotes for the initial phase of work (to clear and, where necessary, resurface the car park area itself), have been received:

·         TDH Gardens      £735.80

·         A Thompson        £460

The Council agreed to offer the contract to A. Thompson.

10/06/12          To view quotations for sandbags

The following quotations were obtained:

·  Business Protection Pack  - 20 sacks – 48x55cm - £129.99 (= 389.97 for 60) – Free delivery

·  10 sacks @ £56.20 / 25 @ £134.10 / 50 @ 257.99 inc VAT & delivery – 14” x 24”

·  25 bags @ 127.66 / 10 bags @ £51.66 – excl delivery – 50x25cm

·  box of 10 @ £59.95 – 30x60cm – free delivery 

The Council agreed to purchase 75 bags from (totalling £392.09 inc. VAT) but request a better deal if possible. 

10/06/13          To view quotations for bins

It was agreed that a Topsy 2000 litter bin (£128.36 + 10% discount) in blue should be purchased for Roosebeck.  The Clerk will obtain confirmation that the bin will be emptied by SLDC before purchase.

10/06/14          To sign the Council’s updated Risk Assessment

The changes discussed at June’s meeting were made to the Risk Assessment.  The Council agreed the document and it was signed by the Chairman.  A copy is attached to these minutes.

10/06/15          To review and sign the Council’s Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

The Council reviewed these documents and agreed that no changes were necessary.  They were signed by the Chairman.  Copies are attached to these minutes.

The Council also confirmed that there was no need to continue filling out a paper account book as long as appropriate backups were made of the computer records.

10/06/16          To review and sign the grass mowing agreement with H. Armer and Son

After speaking to Mr Armer, the Clerk confirmed that they would be unable to provide equipment for cutting the playground area.  As the payment made to Mr Armer is intended to cover petrol costs, and was not a fee for carrying out the contract, it was agreed that the contract should remain as it is.

10/06/17          To respond to SLDC’s Leadership Consultation

The Council agreed that the preferred option would be for a Leader and Cabinet, as this would involve less disruption and cost than the election of a District mayor.

10/06/18          To respond to SLDC’s Parish Remuneration request

The Council agreed that they would continue not to make requests for expenses.

10/06/19          Playground Updates

Quotes have been received from two companies for Scales playground’s equipment:

·         Playdale:  Mini Orbiter (0.8m ) £916.  Price includes delivery and installation, less local and city discounts

·         Pennine Playgrounds:  £2,210 for orbiter KPL115 (1.5m ) or £2444 with installation of protective grass matting.  Pennine have also offered to move the post of the adventure trail, to make the rope taught free of charge.

The Council agreed that the Pennine quote represents better value for money and a better investment.  The Clerk will finalise the finances and look into obtaining a second grant from the aggregates levy to cover the additional cost. 

10/06/20          Parish newsletter

The Clerk produced a draft copy of the newsletter to be published before September.  The Council agreed that the content and layout were satisfactory.  Cllr Park suggested adding the dates of upcoming meetings, which was agreed.  The Clerk will get copies printed and distribute to Councillors for delivery.

10/06/21          Update on the Parish Plan

The Clerk informed the Council that, due to problems with the parish email account, SLDC’s feedback on the plan was not received before printing.  The Parish Plan Committee had held a meeting and reviewed SLDC’s comments, which the Council agreed were satisfactory. 

10/06/22          To authorise payment of accounts

The following payments were authorised by the Council:

                 A. Thompson (Roosebeck Noticeboard)           £115

                 Clerk’s Salary (June and July)                            £777.16

                 HSP Milners (Notice about vacancies)             £16

                 R. McKenna (Scales Petrol)                                £30.40

                 R. Rushton (Baycliff petrol)                                £46.77

The following monies were received:

                 Scales playground money                                  £7.16

10/06/23          Correspondence

The Clerk informed the Council of the following items:

·         Barrow Borough Council – Letter regarding adoption of Barrow Port Area Action Plan

·         Barrow Borough Council – Letter regarding Shop front and advertising SPD

·         CALC – sent two copies of ‘Being a Good Employer’

·         CCC – Cumbria Landscape Character Guidance Toolkit – consultation draft

10/06/24          To receive items for the next meeting

·         Playgrounds

10/06/25          To confirm that the next meeting will be held on Monday 6th September 2010 in Gleaston Village Hall, Gleaston





"Administrator" means the representative of the Council as nominated from time to time.

2.      THE STEWARD confirms that his obligations under this agreement are owed to and are enforceable by the Council.

3.      THE STEWARD shall carry out various works as required, such as routine maintenance of Parish Council property, work adjacent to the highway and small groundwork or building tasks, under the general direction and supervision of the Administrator.

4.      THE STEWARD undertakes to carry out the works in accordance with the terms of this agreement.  At all times the Steward shall use all due skills and diligence and comply with all relevant statutory requirements (including Health and Safety at Work Legislation) and all other enactments at all times.

5.      THE STEWARD will provide written records in a form proscribed by the Council detailing attendance and work completed to help the Administrator to substantiate claims for payment.

6.      THIS AGREEMENT shall be effective from the 13TH SEPTEMBER 2010 and subject to Clause 11 shall terminate on the 13TH MARCH 2011

7.      DURING THIS PERIOD the Steward will work for SIXTEEN HOURS per month on a weekly or fortnightly basis. 

8.      FOR THESE SERVICES the Council will pay a rate of ELEVEN POUNDS AND SEVENTY FIVE PENCE (£11.75) per hour. The Steward will submit a monthly invoice detailing works carried out and certifying that there is in force a Public Liability Policy. Payment will be monthly in arrears.

9.      THE STEWARD will meet his own costs in relation to the use of a vehicle, insurance, tools and protective equipment.

10. THE COUNCIL will meet the cost of consumables.  These may be purchased by the Council in advance or by the Steward, who will be fully reimbursed on the production of proof of purchase.

11. THE STEWARD will comply with all guidance, advice and undergo such training as is specified by the Council.

12. THE STEWARD shall maintain a valid public liability policy, for at least £5,000,000 in respect of any one claim.

13. THE STEWARD will immediately refer any complaints from whatever source to the Administrator. 

14. EITHER PARTY may terminate this Agreement giving the other ONE MONTH's notice in writing. In the event of any breach of the terms of the Agreement or failure to perform any term in the Agreement the Council may give 14 days notice to remedy the breach and may then give a further 7 days notice to terminate the agreement if such remedial action has not been taken to the satisfaction of the Administrator.  Upon termination the Council shall be entitled to withhold or set off any payments due to the Steward.

15. THE STEWARD is required to maintain and produce to the Council acceptable confirmation of his status as a self employed person for the purposes of this contract but will remain liable for any income tax arising under the contract if subsequently adjudged by the Inland Revenue to be an employee of the Council for the purposes of the contract.

16. AS REFERRED TO within the title, this document forms a CONTRACT FOR SERVICES and not a contract of employment.  As such the Steward will be appointed to undertake the services required on a self-employed basis and will not accrue employment rights with the Council.  This agreement is exempt from the Rights of Third Parties Act 1999.

17. THE STEWARD shall be regarded as self-employed during the continuance of the contract and shall make arrangements with the Inland Revenue to pay income tax in accordance with Schedule D, plus National Insurance contributions to the contributions agency as appropriate to a self-employed person.

Risk Assessment 2010/11


1.     The Council has members and employs a Clerk.  It also relies on unpaid residents of the parish to carry out jobs on the Council’s behalf, such as grass cutting and maintenance.

The Council has £10 million Employer’s Liability Insurance cover and £5 million Public Liability Insurance.  It also organises training of any persons operating the Council’s mowing equipments. 


2.     The Councillors or Clerk could have an accident whilst undertaking their duties.

The Council holds insurance cover for and Councillor or Clerk under the age of 75 years. 


3.     The Clerk is the Responsible Financial Officer and is responsible for the management of Parish Council funds.  If the Clerk converts to his/her own use the Councillors may be responsible.

All payments are made by cheque.  The Council requires two signatories, being Councillors, to all cheques drawn from the Parish Council’s account.  A bank reconciliation is carried out by a member of the Council after every quarter.  The Council has Fidelity Guarantee insurance for all member and employees for £25,000.


4.     The Council may be sued for libel or slander if they make any defamatory remarks.

The members will endeavor not to create a slander nor publish a libel.  No statements to the press will be issued in respect of Parish Council business without the approval of the Chair.  The Council holds Legal Expenses Insurance.


5.     The Council owns three play areas, one with a management agreement with Baycliff Community Association.

The Council holds Public Liability Insurance and obtains a professional inspection of the play area and equipment annually as required under the terms of the insurance.  All three play areas are inspected weekly by Councillors or their delegates.  The Council has made byelaws on the play areas regulating the age of users. 


6.     The Council owns freehold interest in Leece Tarn, Leece and its environs

The Council holds Public liability insurance and has made byelaws prohibiting the use of vehicles on the land with the exception of specified parking spaces. 


7.     Leece Tarn is sufficiently deep to pose a risk of drowning.

The Council has installed a life belt at the southern end of the tarn.


8.     The Council holds freehold interest in the following lands:

·         The Village Green, Coast Road, Baycliff

·         Beanwell, Lethey Lane, Baycliff

·         The Village Green, Main Street, Baycliff

·         The Village Green, Scales


The Council owns Public Liability Insurance which it deems sufficient cover for this land. 


9.     The Council owns buildings, constructs and fences on its lands.

The Council holds insurance cover for the following structures:

·         Pinfold Shed, Scales                            £6812

·         Mower Shed, Baycliff                          £5676

·         2 x Bus Shelter, Baycliff/Newbiggin  £8613

·         War Memorial, Dendron                      £7606

·         Iron Railings at Dendron Memorial    £1,530


10. The Council owns play equipment which could be damaged by vandalism, fire or accident.

The Council holds Insurance cover for the sum of £23,635 for the current year.  A crash barrier has been installed at Scales playground to protect visitors and equipment in the case of a car accident. 


11. The Council owns thirteen seats and four picnic tables sited in public places and at play areas. 

The Council has Public Liability Insurance and will obtain property insurance for these items.


12. The Council owns land on which the public may have an accident.

The Clerk of the Council holds an accident reporting book.  Signs will be placed in each of the Council’s playgrounds detailing how to contact the Council in case of an accident and what to do in case of an emergency. 


13. The Council owns mowers and other grass cutting equipment.

The Council organises the training of and persons operating the equipment and holds the following insurance cover:


  • Viking Push Mower, Baycliff                     £302
  • Honda Strimmer, Baycliff                          £210
  • John Deere Tractor Mower, Baycliff         £2,474
  • Honda Strimmer, Scales                            £210


14. The Council owns a Viking Tractor Mower which crosses the highway.

The vehicle is comprehensively insured for the sum of £2,000.


15. The Council owns seven glazed Noticeboards, five fixed to buildings and two free-standing.

The Council considers that insurance cover is not appropriate for these items.


16. The Council owns a Lenovo 3000 C100 Laptop computer on which much of the Council’s business is stored.

The Council holds insurance on the computer for £523, which covers the replacement of the computer whilst at the Clerk’s home or anywhere in the UK.  The computer is protected by a password and, in addition, the accounts are protected by a separate password.  An external hard drive will be purchased to back the information up. 

Standing Orders



1.        MEETINGS of the Council shall be held at the Village Hall, Gleaston at 7.15 p.m. unless the Council determines otherwise at a previous meeting.


2.        THREE STATUTORY MEETINGS, excluding the Annual Meeting, shall be held on a Monday in July, September and January.


3.        ADDITIONAL MEETINGS shall be held on Mondays in other months.


4.        CHAIRMAN OF THE MEETING.  The person presiding at a meeting may exercise all the powers and duties of the Chairman in relation to that meeting.


5.        AT EVERY MEETING other than an Annual Meeting the first business shall be to appoint a Chairman if the elected Chairman and the elected Vice Chairman are absent and to receive such declaration of Acceptance of Office by such person appointed.


6.        THE CHAIRMAN BEING IN POSITION the next item of business shall be:-

a.      to read and consider the Minutes, provided that if a copy has been transmitted to each member not later than the day of issue of summons to attend the meeting, the Minutes may be taken as read,

b.      after consideration, to approve the signing of the Minutes by the person presiding as a correct record,

c.      to dispose of business, if any, remaining from the last meeting.


7.        NO DISCUSSION SHALL TAKE PLACE ON THE MINUTES except on their accuracy.  Correction to the Minutes shall be made by resolution and initialled by the Chairman.


8.        THE RULING OF THE CHAIRMAN on a point of order shall not be discussed.  All members shall address the Chairman.


9.        THEREAFTER THE MEETING SHALL CONSIDER the business in the order detailed on the summons to the meeting, provided that a motion to vary the order may be proposed by the Chairman or any member and shall be put to the vote without discussion.


10.   THE PUBLIC SHALL BE ADMITTED to all meetings of the Council.  It may however exclude the public temporarily by means of the following resolution:-

That in view of the (special)* (confidential)* nature of the business to be transacted it is advisable in the public interest that the public may be temporarily excluded and they are invited to withdraw.

       * the special or confidential nature of the matter to be discussed shall be named.


11.   AT ALL MEETINGS OF THE COUNCIL the Chairman may, at his discretion and at a convenient time in the transaction of business, allow any member of the public to address the meeting in relation to the business to be transacted.


12.   AT ALL MEETINGS OF THE COUNCIL the Chairman may permit members of the council who have a prejudicial interest in relation to any item to be transacted at the meeting to a) make representations, b) answer questions or c) give evidence relating to the item, provided that members of the public have been permitted under Standing Order 36 to attend the meeting for the same purpose.


13.   A NOTICE OF MEETING shall be sent to the County Councillor and the District Councillor representing the area in which the Parish lies.


Annual Meeting


a.      in an election year be held on the Monday following the fourth day after the ordinary day of elections to the Council, and

b.      in a year which is not an election year be held on any Monday in May.


15.   IN AN ELECTION YEAR the Councillors duly elected shall complete a Declaration of Acceptance of Office in the presence of the Proper Officer before or at the Annual Meeting.


16.   AT THE ANNUAL MEETING the first business shall be to elect a Chairman, the Chairman shall then sign a Declaration of Acceptance of that Office.


17.   IN THE YEAR OF ELECTION then to receive the Declarations of Acceptance of Office of the duly elected Councillors and to determine when any Declaration of Acceptance of Office which have not been received, as provided by law, shall be received.


18.   AT EACH ANNUAL MEETING to elect a Vice Chairman, if the Council deems it appropriate.


19.   AT EACH ANNUAL MEETING to receive a report from the Clerk of the interests in lands owned by the Council.


Officers of the Council

20.   PROPER OFFICER.  Where a Statute, Regulation or Order confers functions or duties on the Proper Officer of the Council, in the following cases that person shall be the Clerk:-

a.      to receive declarations of acceptance of office,

b.      to receive and record notices disclosing pecuniary interests,

c.      to receive and retain plans and documents,

d.      to sign notices or other documents on behalf of the Council,

e.      to receive copies of byelaws made by the District Council,

f.        to certify copies of byelaws made by the Council,

g.      to sign summonses to attend meetings of the Council,

h.      in any other case it shall be the Clerk unless the Council nominates another person.



21.   QUORUM OF THE COUNCIL: three members shall constitute a quorum.


22.   IF A QUORUM IS NOT PRESENT when the Council meets, or if during the meeting the number of Councillors present and not debarred by reason of a declared pecuniary interest falls below the quorum, the business not transacted at that meeting shall be transacted at the next meeting or on such other day as the Chairman may fix.


23.   MEMBERS SHALL VOTE by a show of hands or, if at least two members so request, by signed ballot.


24.   IF A MEMBER SO REQUIRES the Clerk shall record the names of the members who voted on any question so as to show whether they voted for or against it.


25.   THE CHAIRMAN may give an original vote on any matter put to the vote and subject to a and b below, in the case of equality of votes may give a casting vote; this applies even though the Chairman gave no original vote.

a.      if the person presiding at the annual meeting would have ceased to be a member of the Council but for the statutory provisions which preserve the membership of the Chairman until the end of their term of office, that the Chairman may not give an original vote in an election for Chairman,

b.      the person presiding must give a casting vote whenever there is an equality of votes in an election for Chairman.



26.   NO RESOLUTION EXCEPT AS PROVIDED by these Standing Orders may be moved unless the business to which it relates has been put on the Agenda by the Clerk or the mover has given notice in writing of its terms and has delivered the notice to the Clerk at least seven clear days before the next meeting of the Council.


27.   THE CLERK SHALL DATE every notice of resolution when received and shall insert in the summons for every meeting all notices of motion properly given in the order in which they have been received.      


28.   EVERY RESOLUTION SUBMITTED shall be relevant to some subject over which the Council has power or which affects the area of the Parish.



a.      to appoint a Chairman of the meeting,

b.      to correct the Minutes,

c.      to approve the Minutes,

d.      to alter the order of business,

e.      to proceed to the next item of business,

f.        to close or adjourn the debate,

g.      to adopt a report,

h.      to authorise the sealing of documents,

i.        to amend a resolution,

j.        to exclude  the public,

k.      to suspend any Standing Order,

l.        to adjourn the meeting.



30.   MOTIONS FOR THE PAYMENT OF MONIES shall be authorised by resolution of the Council and orders signed by two members of the Council.


31.   ALL ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT and claims on the Council shall be laid before the Council.


32.   A STATEMENT OF THE RECEIPTS AND PAYMENTS shall be supplied by the Clerk to each member, after presentation to the Council after each year end.


33.   APPROVAL OF ESTIMATES FOR THE COMING FINANCIAL YEAR shall be determined within the months of October and November in each year, following submission by the Clerk of estimated receipts and payments.


34.   IF ANY MEMBER HAS A PECUNIARY INTEREST direct or indirect within the meanings of Sections 94, 95 of the Local Government Act, 1972 in any contract, proposed contract or other matter, he shall declare his interest, take no part in the debate nor shall he vote on the matter.


35.   THE CLERK SHALL RECORD particulars of any notice given by a member of a pecuniary interest in a contract.


Documents of the Council

36.   PRIOR TO THE SEALING OF DOCUMENTS a copy of the document shall be sent to each member at least ten clear days before the next meeting of the Council.  Sealing of documents on behalf of the Council shall be authorised by resolution.


37.   A MEMBER MAY INSPECT ANY DOCUMENT in possession of the Council where the information is required for the purpose of his duty as a Councillor.


38.   ALL MINUTES kept by the Council shall be open for inspection by any member of the Council.


Planning Applications

39.   ON RECEIPT OF A PLANNING APPLICATION the Clerk shall record the particulars:-

a.      the date on which it was received,

b.      the name of the applicant

c.      the property to which it refers,

d.      a summary of the nature of the application,

and shall send the application to the Councillor within whose area the property is situated and where two or more Councillors reside within the area, send the application to one Councillor, with brief details to the other Councillor, advising who holds full details.


40.   WHERE A RESPONSE TO A PLANNING APPLICATION is required by the District Council prior to the next meeting of the Council, the appropriate Councillor or Councillors shall consider the application, formulate an opinion (referring to his colleagues within the appropriate area) agree with the Chairman the appropriate response and notify the Clerk of the decision.  The Clerk shall notify the District Council of this decision, which shall be considered for confirmation at the next meeting of the Council.


Standing Orders

41.   ANY OR ANY PART OF THESE STANDING ORDERS, except those which are included by reason of Statute, may be suspended by resolution.


42.   A COPY OF THESE STANDING ORDERS shall be handed to each member by the Clerk upon receipt of the Clerk of the member’s Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


Financial Regulations


1.                   These financial regulations shall govern the conduct of the financial transactions of the Council and may only be amended or varied by resolution of the Council.


2.                   The responsible financial officer (RFO) under the policy direction of the Council shall be responsible for the proper administration of the Council’s financial affairs.


3.                   The RFO shall be responsible for the production of financial management information.


4.                   Detailed estimates of receipts and payments shall be prepared each year by the RFO.


5.                   No expenditure shall be incurred which cannot be met from the current resources of the Council.


6.                   The RFO shall be responsible for completing the annual accounts of the Council as soon as practicable after the end of the financial year and shall submit them to and report thereon to the Council.


7.                   The RFO shall be responsible for maintaining an adequate and effective system of internal audit of the Council’s accounting, financial and other operations in accordance with Regulation 5 of the Accounts and Audit Regulations 1996.


8.                   The Council’s banking arrangements shall be made by the RFO and approved by the Council.  Three accounts shall be maintained at a bank or building society: one current account, one interest bearing deposit account and one higher interest bearing building society account.


9.                   A schedule of payments of monies shall be prepared by the RFO and together with relevant invoices presented to the Council for approval for payment.


10.               Cheques drawn on the bank shall be signed by two members of the Council authorised as signatories.  Money withdrawn from the higher interest bearing building society account shall be authorised by the Chairman and the Clerk.


11.               All payments shall be effected by cheque or other order drawn on the Council’s bankers.


12.               All invoices shall be examined by the RFO in relation to arithmetical accuracy and authorisation and the RFO shall enter them under the appropriate heading in the account book.


13.               The RFO shall ensure that all invoices submitted shall be placed before the Council at the next meeting.


14.               All income received shall be paid promptly into the Council’s bank account.


15.               All monies under the Control of the Council shall be in the name of the Council.


16.               The collection of all monies due to the Council shall be the responsibility of the RFO.


17.               The collection of donations placed in the money box at Scales Green Play Area shall be carried out by the councillor for Scales on a monthly basis, or more frequently should it be deemed necessary.  The monies collected shall be immediately counted, recorded and the record signed by the chairman at the next meeting.  The amount collected shall be reported to the Council at its next meeting, and shall be given to the Clerk for banking once the total amount collected exceeds £10.00.


18.               The Council will review all fees and charges annually, following a report from the Clerk.


19.               Any bad debts shall be reported to the Council.


20.               Personal cheques shall not be cashed out of money held on behalf of the Council.


21.               In accordance with insurance regulations bank statements, stamped bank paying slips, receipts, counterfoils and vouchers shall be checked quarterly against cash book entries and the balance tested with unpresented cheques.  This shall be done independently of the RFO.


22.               An official order or letter shall be issued for all work, goods and services, unless a formal contract is prepared or an official order would be inappropriate, e.g. small item purchases. Copies of orders shall be maintained.


23.               Procedure as to contracts are laid down in the Council’s standing orders as follows:-

a)      every contract made by the Council shall comply with these standing orders and no exception from any of the following provisions of these standing orders shall be made otherwise than by resolution of the Council;

b)      provided that these standing orders shall not apply in the following circumstances:-

(1)    specialist services, such as are provided by solicitors, surveyors and the like;

(2)    work to be executed or goods or materials to be supplied which consist of repairs to or parts of existing machinery, equipment or plant;

(3)    for work to be executed or goods or materials to be supplied which constitute an extension of an existing contract;

(4)    goods or materials proposed to be purchased which are proprietary articles and, or which are sold only at a fixed price.


24.               Where the Council proposes to purchase goods or materials at an expected cost exceeding £100.00 then the Council shall obtain two quotations for the supply.


25.               The Clerk shall make appropriate arrangements for the custody of the title deeds of properties owned by the Council.


26.               The RFO shall ensure that a record is maintained of all properties owned by the Council recording the location, extent, plan, reference, purchase details, nature of interest, tenancies granted, rents payable and purpose for which held in accordance with Regulation 4 (3) (b) of the Accounts and Audit Regulations 1996.


27.               No property shall be sold, leased or otherwise disposed of without the authority of the Council.


28.               The RFO shall effect all insurances and negotiate all claims on the Council’s insurers.


29.               The Clerk shall advise the Council of insurance cover required for all new risks, properties or vehicles which require to be insured and of any alteration required  to existing insurances.


30.               The RFO shall keep a record of all insurances effected by the Council and the property and risks covered thereby and review it annually.


31.               All appropriate employees of the Council shall be included in a suitable fidelity guarantee insurance.


32.               The RFO shall have a secure individual password to access the computerised accounts. This shall be changed every six months.


33.               All computer media in respect to accounts shall be stored in locked cabinets when not in use by authorised employees.