Present:  Cllr Greaves (Chairman), Cllr Baumber, Cllr Butler, Cllr Clerey, Cllr Southworth, Neil Whalley (Clerk), Cllr James Airey


1.                 Notice convening meeting

This was posted as normal.

2.                 Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Cllr Park and Cllr Round.  Also County Cllr Janet Willis.

3.                 To sign as a correct record the minutes of the meetings held on 7th September and 5th October 2009

Minutes approved by the Council and signed by the Chair.

4.                 To receive declarations of interest from the Councillors concerning items on this agenda

None were received.

5.                 Report from the Police representative

PSCO Madden brought to the attention of the Council two schemes currently operating in the area, which the Council felt might be beneficial to the Parish:

1.      No Cold Calling Zone, which can be set up in any village to put off unwanted visitors and alert people to possible suspect callers.

2.      Voice Connect – a way for the Police to get information to local people.  A number of residents in each village would sign up to receive occasional phone calls, text messages or emails about local police issues.  These residents would then be asked to pass on the information to a few neighbours.

6.                 To receive comments from the public (limited to 10 minutes)

Julie Dawes, Age Concern’s new Village Agent introduced herself and explained her role in the area – to provide support and information for residents aged 50+. 

7.                 Parish Plan update

Work is still ongoing with the writing of the plan.  It was suggested that a specific policy could be made to create priority routes through the Parish in case of emergencies.

8.                 Planning Applications

No applications were received this month.

The following notices were passed to the Council:


Lyndene, Baycliff

Extensions and alterations



The Moorings, Goadsbarrow

Extension to Garage


9.                 To receive reports, not included in the above items, from the County and District Councillors

Clly Airey reported that he and Aldingham PCC were currently discussing the future of Aldingham public toilets and that a case for retaining them was being put together.  The Council agreed to meet with Cllr Airey and Aldingham PCC for a thorough discussion once more information was available.

Cllr Willis met with Cllr Southworth and Graeme Wheelhouse of Capita Symonds to discuss highway matters in the Parish.  Cllr Willis has offered to fund several small projects in the Parish to improve road safety.  Work is underway to improve feedback from the Highways Steward and to ensure priority tasks are carried out.  Attempts will also be made to ensure gullies are cleaned on a more regular basis. 

The Clerk is to contact the Probation Service to request the clearing of the bridleway at Scales.

10.             To consider the case for a cycleway between Aldingham and Baycliff

Whilst the Council recognised the safety issues regarding the blind bends between Aldingham and Baycliff, their was not enough weight behind the case for a cycleway to take it further at this stage.  The Council suggested that those in favour of the idea initiate a campaign and gain public support.

11.             To review and finalise the Budget for 2010/11

The final budget figures are reproduced at the end of this document.

The Council agreed on the following points:

§         To purchase an external hard-drive as back-up for the laptop

§         To raise Leece’s grass cutting donation to £90 per year

§         To divide the current ‘donations’ fund of £150 equally between Dendron Church, Aldingham Church and Gleaston, and to raise next years fund to £180.

§         To use some of the remaining money from the Noticeboards grant to buy a noticeboard for Roosebeck.

§         To move the £400 remaining from the current ‘handyman’ budget item to next year’s ‘Roosebeck’ item.

The Council resolved to request a precept of £8,829 for next year’s budget.

12.             To agree meeting dates for the first six months of 2010

The following dates, all Mondays, were agreed:

§         January 11th

§         February 1st

§         March 1st

§         April 5th

§         May 10th (A.G.M. and A.P.M.)

§         June 7th

13.             Playground Updates

Cllr Baumber received quotes for the rubber mulch for playgrounds, including (calculated for 90m2:

§         £1,481 (Ecoscape)

§         £1,964 (Specialist Aggregates)

§         £2,520 (Dunweedin)

Discussion of this issue is ongoing.

No representatives for Leece playground were present at the meeting to discuss its situation.

14.             Highways Steward Update

The steward was away at the time of the meeting.  Cllr Willis and Cllr Southworth are working to improve communications between the Parish Council and Highways Agency (see item 9 above)

15.             To confirm the addition of Cllrs Clerey and Round as signatories

Cllr Round was not present at the meeting, so this item was postponed until December.

16.             To authorise payment of accounts

The following payments were authorised by the Council:

Green Magic Co. (6 x noticeboards)                       £1117.80

BDO Stoy Hayward LLP (2009 Audit)                    £155.25

Bob McKenna (Scales mower petrol)                      £10.00

Clerk’s salary October                                              £388.58

Zurich Insurance PLC (Leece Bonfire)                   £126.00

Green Magic Co. (1 x noticeboard, see item 11)   £186.30         


Scales Playground donations                                   £4.27

Sale of refreshments from Parish Plan meeting     £16.66

17.             Correspondence

§         Morecambe Bay Partnership ‘Headland to Headspace’ prospectus

§         Letter from SLDC regarding comments for a renumeration panel (Councillors do not claim expenses so no comments made)

18.             To receive agenda items for the next meeting

§         ‘No Through Route’ sign for Newbiggin

§         Playground surfaces

§         Housing Needs Survey

§         Grit bin for Shawfield Road, Baycliff

§         Dog Waste Bin for Roosebeck

§         Children Playing signs for Baycliff

19.             To confirm that the next meeting of Aldingham Parish Council will be held in Gleaston Village Hall on Monday 7th December 2009 at 7.15pm