1.                   Notice convening meeting

This was posted as normal.

2.                   Signing of the attendance register

This was signed by Cllrs Greaves (chairman), Southworth, Clerey, Park, Baumber, Round and Butler, the clerk Neil Whalley and one member of the public.

3.                   Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from PSCO Helen Madden, District Cllr James Airey and County Cllr Janet Willis.

4.                   To sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 27th July 2009

The minutes were approved by the Council and signed by the Chair.

5.                   To receive declarations of interest from the Councillors concerning items on this agenda

Cllr Greaves declared a possible conflict of interest for item 9, concerning a planning application to Lyndene, Baycliff. 

6.                   Report from the Police representative

PSCO Madden was contacted prior to the meeting but had nothing to report.

7.                   To receive comments from the public (limited to 10 minutes)

No comments were received.

8.                   Parish Plan update

The Parish Plan Committee produced a draft action plan which was passed to the Councillors prior to the meeting for their consideration.  No comments, except Cllr Southworth wished to incorporate the flood plan into the document.  Cllr Southworth was invited to join the Committee at their next meeting.

9.                   Planning Applications

The following applications have been reviewed:


Pear Tree Cottage, Roosebeck

Front & Side Extensions

Passed to Cllrs Southworth and Clerey for consideration.  No comments received.


Sea View, Coast Road, Newbiggin

Replacement Detached Garage

Passed to Cllr Butler.  No issues regarding the planned changes, but Cllr Butler noted that building work currently being undertaken at this address has not received planning approval which may be required.  The clerk is to notify SLDC.


Field known as Lime Kiln, Sunbrick Lane, Baycliff

Agricultural Storage Building (part retrospective)

Passed to Cllr Greaves.  No comments received. 


Lyndene, Main Street, Baycliff

Extensions and Alterations

Passed to Cllr Greaves.  No comments received. 


The following application was received and passed to Cllr Clerey at the meeting:


The Moorings, Goadsbarrow

Extension to Garage

Comments by 29/09/09


The clerk also passed the following planning notices to the Council:


Goadsbarrow Farm Cottage, Goadsbarrow

Appeal against Enforcement Notice re: Use of dwelling as yoga centre


Tarnside Farm, Leece

Notice of Intention: Extension to Feed Tower

No Objection

MF/RW 40.16.10

Lyndene, Main Street, Baycliff

Renamed ‘Sandfield’


10.               Highways and Footpath matters

Cllr Greaves suggested the Council write to CCC regarding the current state of the A5087 Coast Road between Bardsea and Ulverston, asking what the current plans are to resurface it as it is a major road used by residents of this parish and beyond.  The Council agreed; the clerk is to draft a letter.  Copies will be sent to Ulverston Town Council and Urswick Parish Council. 

Cllr Park raised the issue of debris which has been in the layby on the Coast Road outside Baycliff for some time.  The clerk is to contact SLDC to find out who is responsible and what can be done about resolving the issue.

Cllr Butler requested a larger ‘no through road’ sign for Newbiggin as the current sign is inadequate and there are concerns about the speed of traffic through the village.  The clerk is to contact SLDC with this request.

A complaint has been received regarding the state of the bridleway adjacent to Beech Cottage in Scales, suggesting the lane was impassable on horseback due to overhanging branches and mud.  Cllr Baumber confirmed that this is the case for much of the lane’s length.  The Council will contact all landowners adjacent to the lane and request they work together to resolve the issue.  Cllr Baumber will draw up a list of those landowners.

County Cllr Janet Willis reported that Lethey Lane has now been cut back.

The Council received a permit for the dog litter bin at Newbiggin.  This was signed by Cllrs Greaves and Butler and will be returned to Graeme Wheelhouse at CCC. 

Cllr Clerey, after consulting with Roosebeck residents, has drawn up a plan for the siting of the proposed name signs at Roosebeck.  The concensus of residents was to have three signs, each with ‘please drive carefully’ attached and for one of the signs to be placed outside the boundaries of Aldingham Parish.  As the Council is to request CCC to provide and install the signs they felt it best to request just two name signs for the Coast Road and keep them within the bounds of the Parish.  Any additions can be made later and budgetted for by the Parish Council if necessary.  The clerk is to forward the plans to John Bell, as requested by him.

11.               To receive reports, not included in the above, items from the County and District Councillors

Neither Cllr Willis or Cllr Airey were present.  Comments received by them prior to the meeting are dealt with in the appropriate items below.

12.               Leece Car Park update

Three quotes were obtained for the proposed drainage work to the car park entrance:

§         A. Greaves, £300

§         S. Troughton, £300

§          R. Robinson, £600 including back-filling of the curbstones to prevent run-off from the road. 

The Council agreed to contract the work to Mr Troughton, provided he has the requisite public liability insurance.  He will also be asked to weedkill the surface if possible. 

In regards to ‘resurfacing’ work mentioned in the 2008-9 budget, the Council agreed to review the situation once the entrance has been completed in order to assess the best way forward.

13.               Playground updates, including the future of Leece Playground

Cllr Southworth has received information about an alternative soft surface to replace the current bark chippings in the playgrounds, which is both cheaper and more durable.  In view of this, weed-killing proposed at July’s meeting has been postponed.

Cllr Southworth has also reviewed the state of Leece playground with the conclusion that it will be costly to replace the existing inadequate equipment.  Therefore, a leaflet is to be sent to Leece residents asking for their views on the future of the playground and inviting them to October’s meeting if they wish to discuss the matter.

14.               Noticeboards

The Council reviewed a number of quotes for noticeboards and agreed upon the Slingsby Deluxe Glazed Shield noticeboard, design number 314302 at £227.05 each.  Six boards will be purchased at a total of £1,362.30. 

A project completion form has been received from the Low Furness & Ulverston Neighbourhood Forum regarding the £750 grant for the noticeboards.  In view of this the purchase of the noticeboards will be completed as soon as possible. 

15.               Aldingham Toilets

Cllr Butler has spoken to the Friends of Aldingham Church group regarding the likely closure of the public toilets, and they have agreed to pass the issue on to the relevant PCC. 

Cllr Airey has promised to fight to keep the toilets open as they are clearly valued by the community.  He suggested forming a coordinated plan with those concerned before the end of this year as the crucial point regarding the future of the toilets will be at the next budget review. 

The Parish Council has agreed to support those who wish to keep the toilets open, and is prepared to lobby the relevant bodies.  However it is not prepared to incur the financial burden of running them.

16.               Liaison with Urswick Parish Council

The clerk contacted Hilary Gregson, clerk for Urswick, requesting any relevant items.  She suggested there is unlikely to be anything of note due to the summer recess.

17.               Highways Steward

Since July’s meeting Cllr Willis has met with the Highway Steward Adam Taylor and he has since contacted Cllr Southworth twice and carried out some of the tasks in the area.  The Council would like to thank Cllr Willis for her efforts to move this long-running issue forward.  The situation now seems to be improving.  The clerk will contact Cllr Willis to convey this.

Cllr Southworth did mention the need for confirmation of works done by Mr Tyson, he also requested that the Parish Councillors pass issues arising with highways onto him as soon as possible. 

18.               Installation of Leece Lifebelt

The Council agreed to position the new lifebelt 6 feet away from the bench beside the Tarn.  Cllr Round will install this.



19.               Accounts

The following payments were authorised by the Council:

Clerk’s salary August                                                     £388.58

Clerk’s Induction Course (2 sessions @£20)                   £40

Henry Armer & Son (Mower & Brushcutter)                     £287.64

R. McKenna (petrol for Scales mower)                           £15


Rent for Pinfold, Scales                                                 £450

Scales Playground donations                                        £17.79

The bank reconcilliation was passed to Cllr Southworth for review.

All current councillors and the clerk signed a new mandate for NatWest bank

20.               2010 Budget – preliminary discussion

The Council agreed to postpone this item till the next meeting to give more time for discussion.  The clerk will obtain budget figures for the previous year.  Cllr Southworth will obtain a rough quote for resurfacing of New Close in Newbiggin. 

21.               Correspondence

The clerk reported several items of correspondence, including:

§         SLDC Local Development Framework submission documents

§         Consultation on the submitted draft North West Plan Partial Review

§         Invitation to meeting regarding Local Area Partnership from Ulverston Town Council

§         Letter from Leece resident received regarding the state of the car park

22.               To receive agenda items for the next meeting

§         Leece playground

§         2010 Budget

23.               To confirm that the next meeting of Aldingham Parish Council will be held in Gleaston Village Hall on Monday 5th October 2009 at 7.15pm