1.                  Notice convening meeting.

This was posted as normal.

2.                  Signing of the attendance register.

The attendance register was signed by Cllrs. Greaves, Southworth, Park, Baumber, Butler, Round and Clerey; by the clerk, Simon Taylor; County Cllr. Janet Willis; and one member of the public.

3.                  Apologies for absence.

Apologies were received from PCSO Helen Madden and Dist. Cllr. James Airey.

4.                  To sign as a correct record the minutes of meeting held on 22nd June, 2009.

Cllr. Park highlighted one error – item 22: “Sea Wood” should read “Sea Mill”.  With this amendment made, the minutes were approved by the Council and signed by the Chair.

5.                  To receive Declarations of Interest from the Councillors concerning items on this agenda.

None were received.

6.                  Report from the police representative.

Various pieces of information were received from PCSO Madden.  These will be taken later in the meeting under item 10.

7.                  To receive comments from the Public (Limited to 10 minutes).

No comments received.

8.                  Parish Plan

Neil Whalley reported that the Committee had produced a document summarising the results of the questionnaire, which has been forwarded to each Councillor.  The Parish Plan Committee will form an action plan at its next meeting which will be put to the full Parish Council at its September meeting.

Once this document has been approved by the Council and the Committee, it will be available to download from the Parish Plan website.

9.                  Planning.

The clerk gave two planning decisions to the meeting.

SL/2009/0378  Cook, Ashgate, Coast road, Ulverston : Front Conservatory             Permitted

SL/2009/0312  Morrison, Stonecroft, Mill Lane, Gleaston       Revised siting of garage/annex & removal of window in gable end (part retrospective)                                                                    Permitted

In addition, there was also one new application received:

SL/2009/0606  Land at New Close, Newbiggin           Dwelling          Comments by 18/08

This application was given to Cllr. Butler for inspection.  There was discussion about the unmade road at New Close.  It was felt that the dire state of the road should be taken into account by SLDC when they consider this application.  The clerk was asked to contact the architect with a view to finding out if the developers have made any plans for the road.

10.              Highways and footpath matters.

The Clerk reported that PCSO Madden had written to him with details of her discussions with John Bell, Principal Traffic Engineer at Cumbria Highways, regarding increased safety on the road from Ulverston passing Scales playground leading into Scales.   His view was that the double bend and hill are not obvious to drivers, and that the chevron sign is hidden nearly round the bend and is parallel to the road.

His suggestions to improve matters were as follows:

§         An advance double bend sign

§         A “SLOW” marking with the double bend sign

§         Replace the single, large three chevron sign with three, small, individual chevrons positioned around the bend to show the curvature of the bend more clearly.  The chevrons can be aligned to face the driver.

Mr. Bell will obtain from Nick Raymond at Cumbria Highways to being work.  Regarding other Parish Council suggestions for safety at Scales, Mr. Bell stated that a metal railing wasn’t justified at this location - the playground has a safety fence offering protection to people inside it.  The “Playground” sign is sited adequately but is not visible due to overgrown hedges.  Mr. Bell suggested that the Parish Council contacts the Highway Steward to rectify this situation.

The clerk also stated that he’d received a reply from Mr. Bell regarding the suggested road sign at Roosebeck.  This is considered a reasonable request and he will recommend to CCC that it should be accepted. If these are provided by CCC as standard highway signs, then the cost should be met by CCC. The Parish Council should provide a plan to showing where the signs should be sited.

The clerk had received an e-mail from Dist. Cllr. Airey stating that he had been assured that roads had been swept recently and were to be done again in the next couple of weeks.  The Parish Council agreed that the roads were now looking much better.  They thanked both Dist. Cllr. Airey and County Cllr. Willis for their support.

11.              To receive reports not included in the above items from the County and District Councillors.

County Cllr. Willis informed the Council that she has a meeting with Nick Raymond from Cumbria Highways scheduled for Friday 31st July.  If the Parish Council would let her have a list of their outstanding highway issues, she will pass them on to him.  The clerk will let her have a list before Friday 31st.

Dist. Cllr. Airey has also sent a further report about the public toilet provision of SLDC.  They are looking to cut expenditure in this area, and Aldingham toilets are pencilled for closure.

The Council held a discussion and concluded that they would like the conveniences to remain open.  Cllr. Butler will open discussions with St. Cuthbert’s church with a view to some kind of joint initiative to keep the toilets open.

12.              To review the current situation on the tasks for the handyman.

The Clerk reported that he had tried to contact Mr. Haggarty.  His wife informed him that Mr. Haggarty will be out of the UK soon doing a long-distance driving job.  The clerk will continue to try and contact him.

The clerk also reported that he had contacted United Utilities with a view to getting a survey done for under the car park at Leece.  The details for requirements have been forwarded to United Utilities and a quote should be forthcoming before the September meeting.  Cllr. Greaves said that he’d spoken with his son regarding plant hire to do the work at Leece and said that a utilities survey may not be necessary because there was no longer the intention to dig so deeply.  Cllr. Greaves had a rough estimate for £300 for a mini-digger and driver to do the job.  A discussion followed about the availability of the handyman to do the work and the consensus was that it was too important to get the car park resurfaced.  If that meant drafting in specialist contractors to do the job, so be it.  The clerk was asked to obtain quotes from relevant contractors to do the work at Leece.  The Council also agreed to hold over the demands for payment for 2009/10 car park licences until the work has been completed.

13.              Playground updates – including bark requirements for playgrounds.

Cllr. Baumber had some further information about dealing with weeds growing up through barked areas.  She had been told that over the counter products such as Round Up or similar would be sufficient to do the job.  The advantage of this is that the product does not remain in the soil after use.

The clerk suggested that he contact SLDC’s playground inspector for advice.

14.              Noticeboards.

This item will be held over until September.  In the meantime, the quotes for purchase should be finalised along with size options.

15.              Liaison with Urswick Parish Council.

This is a standing item on the agenda.  The clerk reported that Hilary Gregson has now been confirmed as the new clerk to Urswick Council.  Mrs. Sankey did not take up her offer of employment.

16.              Highway Steward.

There was nothing to report this month.  This item will remain on the agenda for monitoring.

17.              Accounts.

The following accounts were approved for payment by the Council.

Clerk’s salary July                                                                                           £388.58

To NFU for insurance premium for Viking mower, Scales                             £128.42

To Russell Rushton – petrol for Baycliff mower                                             £41.96

To Cllr. Baumber for rope for lifebelt at Leece                                               £3.99

To Tennyson Insurance for Iron Railings                                                        £26.25

Playdale equipment for Baycliff                                                                      £169.86

The following monies were received.

Scales collection box                                                                                      £18.14

The clerk will submit all bank statements, receipts and accounts to Cllr. Southworth for the final bank reconciliation prior to hand over to new clerk.

18.              To review the Council’s Risk Assessment.

The clerk presented a new Risk Assessment for the Council to agree.  The Council agreed to adopt the Assessment.  A copy is attached to the minutes.

19.              Appointing a new clerk.

Neil Whalley has been appointed as the new clerk – his start date is 1st August.  Mr. Whalley is present at the meeting “shadowing” the present clerk as part of his training.

20.              Correspondence.

Various pieces of correspondence have been received including:-

·         A training prospectus from CALC – pass to the new clerk and Cllr. Greaves.

·         Cumbria Community Foundation newsletter.

·         Cumbria Highways newsletter.

·         Low Furness and Ulverston Neighbourhood Forum agenda.

·         Society of Local Council Clerks newsletter and subscription offer.


21.              To receive items for the next agenda.

·         Toilets at Aldingham.

·         Playground updates.

·         Noticeboards.

·         Highway Steward.

22.              To confirm that the next meeting of Aldingham Parish Council will be held in Gleaston Village Hall on Monday 7th September, 2009 at 7.15p.m.